Psychological Help for Children and Teen in Lincoln


Both Hypnosis and Thrive can help with children and teenager's psychological difficulties.


Thrive for Children and Teenagers.



Thrive for teenagers is a special version of the Thrive programme aimed at children and teenagers from about the age of

10 -15. It can be used for children younger and for some teens the main Thrive Programme may be more suitable, it will depend on the individual.


It is similar the main Thrive programme but explained in a simpler manner. It needs to be worked through with the child with a Thrive consultant or someone who is very familiar with the concepts of Thrive. As with the main Thrive Programme it can help with numerous difficulties.



I have taken many children and teenagers through The Thrive Programme and they have found it extremely empowering, and has helped with many difficulties.


Separation Anxiety

Exam nerves

Eating Problems

Problems at School

Lacking in Confidence

Low Self-Esteem


Plus Much More


Hypnosis can help Children and Teenagers in Lincoln.


There seems to be an increasing number of pressures on children in today’s modern world, many of which can lead to various emotional problems such as worries about school, separation anxiety, exam nerves, bedwetting, eating disorders (anorexia, bulimia), lack of confidence, even sadness or depression.

Rob has successfully helped many children overcome these emotional difficulties and grow into happier people.


The Blowaway technique


This is a technique especially developed for children to help them work through difficult emotions. This can be a powerful technique for many problems that children and teenagers face.


Children and teenagers between the ages of 7-17 will be accompanied by one of their parents or guardians to help them to feel relaxed and comfortable in the situation. Rob makes it very much the child's or the teenager's session and always explains fully what is going to happen and gets their agreement to do the session.



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