What is Hypnosis

Because of how hypnosis is represented on television and films, some people have certain misconceptions about hypnosis and hypnotherapy. Perhaps even believing it is something mystical or magical. Nothing could be further from the truth.


Hypnosis is a perfectly natural phenomenon that can be achieved by anyone. When it is combined with therapeutic techniques it can help people to achieve positive psychological changes in their lives.


The word hypnosis is derived from the Greek word 'hypnos' meaning 'sleep', although the hypnotic state itself is not the same as sleep. Most people will be fully aware of everything that is being said during a hypnotic session and they they will feel a wonderful sense of relaxation that will spread through the whole of their body.


In that relaxed 'hypnotic' state, positive thoughts, ideas and feelings will become more easily accessed and accepted by the unconscious mind. Through the use of visualisation, new behaviors and ways of being can be rehearsed and are therefore more likely to be achieved.


It is a common misconception that hypnotherapy is looked down upon by academic science. This is far from the truth, and in fact there are clinical studies within main stream psychology that use hypnosis to study such things as; emotions, memory, attention and other aspects of the human condition.




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