Hypnosis or Psychotherapy can help with Sexual Problems. Hypnotherapy Lincoln.


Often people find sexual problems difficult to talk about. Perhaps they have never told anyone else about them. They may feel that they are the only person that has ever suffered from their particular problem. It can lead to other problems, such as depression or anxiety. It is important to recognise that you are not alone and that something can be done.


It is also important to know that everything that happens within the therapeutic situation is completely confidential. Rob has dealt with clients who have had many different kinds of sexual problems, in a caring, helpful and confidential way.




Premature ejaculation.


Premature ejaculation is perhaps more common than most people think. It occurs mainly in younger men, but can happen at any stage in a man’s life. Some men find that they may ejaculate even before penetration, or just after penetration has occurred. Others find they can last a little longer, but not long enough to satisfy their partner.

When premature ejaculation occurs, it causes anxiety. This in turn makes the person worry the next time they are having sex, which can then lead to a greater chance of premature ejaculation occurring, and a cycle of anxiety is formed.

Furthermore, this can lead to feelings of inadequacy and can cause some men to not seek out a relationship. It can also lead to states of depression and general anxiety.

It is important to recognise that this is something that can be dealt with. It is something that Rob has helped many clients with. Everything is confidential and all is done to make you feel calm and at ease.




Vaginismus is when the muscles around the vagina tighten (contract) against the woman’s will. This causes the vagina to spasm, which can cause pain and even prevent penetration if sex is attempted. It is recognised as a psychological problem that manifests itself physically, and is fairly common among women in their late teens to thirties.

The implication of painful sex or no sex can lead to relationship problems as well as preventing the possibility of becoming pregnant.

It is not the case that women with this condition do not enjoy sex and many can engage in sexual relations with their partner that do not involve penetration. However, vaginismus can make a full sex life difficult, or stop it altogether. It can also make gynaecological examinations difficult or impossible.

Some woman may have gone all their adult life without having had sex. They may even avoid intimate relationships because they feel that there is something wrong with them. Rob has successfully treated many clients with this condition.


There are two types of vaginismus


Primary vaginismus.


This is where a woman has never had pain free vaginal penetration or has never had penetrative sex.


Secondary vaginismus.


This is where a woman in the past has had pain free penetrative sex but now, due to some event, finds she has the symptoms of vaginismus.




This is where the woman fails to reach orgasm. This does not mean that the person cannot become sexually aroused, in fact many women with this condition do enjoy the act of sex but fail to orgasm.

There are two types of anorgasmia.


Primary anorgasmia


This is where the person has never experienced an orgasm.


Secondary anorgasmia


This is where the person has experienced orgasm in the past but cannot now.

Although this is a condition that is usually attributed to women, it is not exclusive to them. Rob has treated a number of men who suffered from this condition.


Erectile dysfunction / impotence


Erectile dysfunction or impotence is the inability to get an erection. Some men cannot achieve an erection at all, while others can get a part erection but not one firm enough for sexual penetration. There are various causes, some of them physical and some psychological.


Frigidity / Inhibited Sexual Desire / Hypoactive Sexual Desire Disorder


Whichever one of the above it is called, it is basically an absence of the desire for sexual activity. There can be many reasons for this difficulty which can be helped with hypnotherapy or Thrive.


Other Sexual Problems


There are a number of techniques that I use to help with sexual problems, including hypnosis, Thrive and CPI. To find out which is the best for you why not come along for a free consultation and discuss your particular problem.


Of course there are more problems than the ones listed above. If you are unsure as to whether Rob can help you, why not contact him on 01522 851806, knowing that everything is completely confidential.



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