Social Phobia / Social Anxiety


It’s time to make contact with others

What is Social Phobia?

Fear of being rejected

Fear of being judged or criticized,

Fear of standing out, or being the odd one out.

Fear of being put on the spot.

Fear of being looked at or watched.

Fear of saying the wrong thing.


Some people find certain social situations so difficult that they will avoid them. This can affect relationships, work opportunities, or just general feelings of self esteem.


Some people find that they are okay as long as they stick within their comfort zone. They go to work, but don't put themselves forward for recognition or promotion.


Social phobia wasn’t really recognised as a psychological condition until the 1980s. Because it is sometimes seen as just being shy or introverted it has often been ignored.  But it is a larger problem than most people would imagine.




People with social phobia may develop various methods of avoiding the social situations that cause them problems. Of course, in the end this can lead to loneliness and even depression.


Some people avoid individual contact by finding a group of people who they stick with and follow, almost losing their individual identity within the group. They interact as a group.


We are all social creatures.


Human beings are social creatures by nature and to avoid contact with others goes against that natural instinct. We are born with the ability to recognise human faces and take pleasure in the sight. To not want to connect with others goes against that natural instinct. People may try to pretend that they are really not that bothered and that they like to be on their own, but deep down they know something is not right.


Physical symptoms that can be associated with social phobia.


• Blushing

• Nausea

• Sweating

• Palpitations

• Shaking

• Difficulty talking

• Excessive talking (babbling)

• Stomach disorders

• Shy bladder

• Plus many more


There are many different social situations that cause people problems.

Of course there are different levels of social phobia.


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