Anxiety, Stress and Panic Attacks


You can find help in Lincoln for anxiety, stress and panic attacks.


Sometimes anxiety states and panic attacks are short-term and focused on an upcoming event. Some people's anxiety, however, can be ongoing and constantly with them, long-term anxiety. Panic attacks can be the result of on-going anxiety and Stress


Short-term Anxiety and Stress


From time to time we all get a little anxious, whether it’s a job interview, driving test, or exam nerves. If this is at the right level it can actually increase our performance giving us that extra little boost to do whatever we need to do well.

However if the anxiety state becomes too great, then problems occur which can effect our performance.





Driving test nerves

Exam nerves

Job interviews

Wedding day nerves


Presentations at work




If a person is anxious about an upcoming event, whether it's an exam, a driving test, having to deliver a presentation at work, or even a best man speech, they may just need a little help to get them over that particular obstacle. Suggestion therapy is ideal in these situations. It can help you to be calm and relaxed during those all-important times; help you to present yourself to your best advantage and, above all, to enjoy yourself.


Anxiety, Stress or Panic Attack symptoms.


• Stomach rumbling

• Constantly needing the toilet

• Dry mouth and finding it difficult to swallow

• Heart rate increase, possibly palpitations

• Difficulty breathing and possible pains in the chest

• Shortness of breath

• Dizziness

• Tingling in various parts of the body.

• Shaking

• Fainting

• plus many more


An impending panic attack can often leave the person with a deep sense of dread or a sense that something catastrophic is about to happen.



Long Term Anxiety or Stress


Some people's anxiety states and panic attacks are not short-term. They live in a constant state of anxiety and may be prone to regular panic attacks; they may exhibit many of the symptoms listed above as well as those below.




Possible symptoms of long term Anxiety and Stress.


All those for short term Anxiety +

Constant sense of unease

General tiredness


Becoming angry easily

Lack concentration

Worry that they may be 'insane'

Feeling 'detached' from themselves, or their surroundings, as though things are not quite real (disassociation).

If anxiety and stress are more long term then there may be some underlying cause why they are there. Often people may look to their environment, such as work or situations at home. However, the problem is often more to do with how they feel about themselves. There are a number of techniques that I use to help with long term stress and anxiety, including hypnosis, Thrive and CPI. To find out which it the best for you why not come along for a free consultation and discuss your particular problem.

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