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  • Testimonial 1 - Weight and happiness


    It’s rare to meet a person who changes your life forever and for the better. You have changed my life...and for the better and for that i’m ever so grateful.


    I thought all my problems were because I was overweight, not the other way round and I was focused purely on losing weight when I first came to see you. Looking back I can’t believe how I put my whole life on hold and blamed my weight.


    Thank you for helping me face my demons without judgement. You made the process of my healing easy Rob. You have a very special gift...and you made me laugh too!


    You were my last hope. I came to you expecting you to make me thin. Instead you made me happy which far exceeded my expectations.

    I lost 3lb last week, am still feeling great.....


  • Testimonial 2 - Nearly the whole family


    Dear Rob


    It is with great pleasure that I write a few words in the form of a Testimonial for you.


    I first met you 6 or 7 years ago. My eldest son had been ill and had to take some extremely dangerous medication. Blood tests were required. Neither our GP, his nursing staff, Lincoln Hospital could persuade my son to allow them to inject and take blood. He had an aversion to needles. One of the nurses advised us that she had heard of your work and as a last resort it might be worth trying. Either way my son had to have the test and the medication or his problem could have been life threatening.


    After one session with a little trepidation he had the tests. Without your therapy and counselling this would not have been possible.


    A while after, my youngest son, who had been bullied at school, had anger management problems. Again after one or two sessions he was able to overcome and control his problems.


    Late 2009 and to date little did I believe that I two would seek your help. Forced to re-qualify for my career, I had a mountain of an examination to pass. Your therapy assisted me greatly in the belief that the goal was achievable.


    We started our journey with you 7 years or so ago not knowing what to expect and full of scepticism. How wrong we were and we have no hesitation in recommending your services to anyone who like us 7 years ago were facing despair


    Many thanks



  • Testimonial 3 - Studying, depression, Anxiety

    Hello Rob,


    I don't know if you remember me, but I came to you this time last year whilst in my final year at University.  I had hit (which to me felt like) rock bottom.  I was floundering at University, barely scraping by.  I had my dissertation hand in, in little under a month and hadn't even started it.  I was making it to about 2% of my classes, and had practically turned into a hermit, only leaving my room for food and to use the bathroom!


    Life was just awful to me, I was miserable and didn't know what to do.  All I did know was that I shouldn't be feeling this way.  Life is for living, and I was just letting it slip by.  I thought there was no way out of what seemed an impossible situation.


    But after doing a bit of research, I found you.  I cannot even explain how much you helped me.  The hypnotherapy 'bandage' meant that I finally felt capable to finish that little molehill (not the mountain I had previously perceived it as!) that was my dissertation.  Not only that, but the THRIVE programme that we went through together meant that I was finally in the right frame of mind to tackle all of the other outstanding work I had in order to achieve my degree, which I did, and I am now the very proud holder of a 2:2 honours degree in English Literature!


    I can honestly say, without your patience and understanding, there is no way that I would have achieved that degree.  Thank you.


    I'm now in full time work back home, and loving life again.  My relationships with my family and friends are thriving, and I'm making new connections everyday.  Life is once again fun and filled with happiness, and my little inner voice is finally boosting me up instead of bringing me down!


    Sorry that it has taken me so long to write to you and give you this testimonial, I guess I've just been busy enjoying the life that you have helped me to finally find!


    Thank you so much for everything, and I hope you are well.


    All the best,





  • Testimonial 4 - Relationship problems, social anxiety, low self-esteem


    I would like to say Thanks to  Rob for the help & support I received over the past few months. I was referred to Rob after I had gone as far as I could with my previous hypnotherapist. I was suffering from relationship problems,social anxiety & low self esteem.


    Rob is a very friendly guy who made me feel at ease straight away, he has a very common sense approach to Life and its problems and has a wealth of experience in helping people with their problems. In his words " There is very little I haven't heard people say that can surprise/shock me"


    Rob puts things into perspective and has a sense of humour. I had Hypnoanalysis (N.B. now called C.P.I) and sessions working on the CLB process (N.B. Thrive). I have a very analytical mind so it took quite a while for me to work through my problems. I found the Hypnosis very relaxing and at times quite moving..


    I & my friends/family have seen a big improvement in myself and how I look at life/people in general. I apply the CLB techniques daily and see positive results. I still have moments,but feel I now have the tools to deal with the difficult times and hopefully keep myself moving in the right direction.


    It has been one of the best things I have done in my life and wouldn't hesitate to recommend Rob to anyone.






  • Testimonial 5 - Severe Depression, Suicidal thoughts


    Just over a year has passed now since my 6 weeks of treatment with Rob, and to think I waited so long.


    I had had severe depression on and off over what I now know was a 13 year period, with disrupted thought patterns for most of my life 25 years previous to this. So a vast accumulation of 'lost' time.


    Rob came recommended through a friend, and I happened to be at the point of being desperate and doing something silly, as I had been 5 years previous, and the 6 before that.  I had already tried CBT (cognitive behavioral therapy) methods with a counselor, which was not for me at all, as something was lacking. I met Rob who politely let me do a lot of talking as is the form, then we decided with his advice, that C.P.I was most likely the best option as I was someone who didn't just want to change, but needed to find answers for solid advancement.


    I asked a lot of questions and Rob gave me a lot of answers very patiently. Using hypnosis, we put me in a 'regressive' state to trawl up old memories with vivid clarity.  These sessions over time helped Rob to analyse the stories being projected by me, and convert them into possible explanations for my thinking styles.


    The numerous explanations were part of the understanding and curing process, coupled with an abundance of theory provided by Rob. This was important because it allowed me to recognize my own negative thinking habits, so that I could change them.


    Well a year has passed successfully and I am in control.  I haven't looked back, I want to exist, and everything seems so obvious now.  Also, as Rob stated, it has allowed me prodigious insight into other people, which helps me in my job working with young people.


    Thank you Rob, it's been emotional.


  • Testimonial 6 - Anxiety, Depression. coming off anti-depressants.

    Dear Rob


    Thank you so much for all the work we have done together over the last couple of months.


    I first contacted Rob to help with my anxiety, low mood and mild depression.  I had been suffering from these symptoms since I was about 14 or 15, and now I am 29.  I have been prescribed anti-depressants and regular forms of counseling, which I am most grateful for, but while they treated the symptoms it didn't get to the root cause.  Through Hypnotic-analysis, I was able to see the unhealthy images I had created in my mind of a perfect life and a perfect body.  It wasn't an easy process, and required many sessions before I finally turned that corner and realised that I could myself happy.  It has been several weeks since that turning point and Rob has given me the tools to keep thinking positive, which has had a dramatic effect in my home and work life.


    I am happy to say that I am gradually being weened off the anti-depressants and should be able to stop taking them completely in the next 5-6 months.


    Many thanks



  • Testimonial 6 - Self-esteem and trust in self and others.



    Rob is a unique individual with a gift beyond the skills of hypnotherapy itself. He allows you to rebuild faith and trust in yourself and those around you to live a happier, healthier life. Most importantly he allows this to happen in a safe, non- judgemental, often fun environment. I arrived on his doorstep having got to the point of being completely distrustful of any human being and extremely suppressed from years of abuse from a family member and a recent partner. This had manifested itself in extreme behaviour at times, phobias and panic attacks. I was experiencing very low self- esteem and a considerable amount of social anxiety. Despite being able to hide this pretty well most of the time, I was determined to find a way to free myself from the pain that I felt inside.



    My journey with hypnotherapy has been a happy one with positive results that have lead to being able to make confident decisions about how I choose to live my life and realise that the ability to do this comes from me and not from others or external influences. Learning and enjoying  a more positive way of thinking has been the most empowering experience towards making the world a better place in all my relationships and work.



    Having recently taken part in Rob’s Changing Limiting Belief programme, I have been able to find out a lot more about myself and really understand who I am and why I do things the way I do, and how my experiences have contributed to who I am now. By doing this and being honest with myself, I have been able to get a better life balance and finally begin to believe in myself and my future. This has been very rewarding and after so many years [since childhood], I finally feel I am in control of my life and have the knowledge of some great techniques to do this. This journey has been no different from learning any other skill in life, we just don’t usually have the opportunity to find out about this one unless you go and look for it yourself. I would imagine if you are reading this you are already on your way in search for a more content life, and I strongly recommend you visit Rob so that he can guide and encourage you to do the rest…..


    Nick : 18th April 2011

  • Testimonial 7 - Emetophobia (fear of vomiting), anxiety, social phobia.




    I wanted to write this to let you know how much you have helped turn my life around since we met.



     Before I came to see you I was riddled with many psychological problems including a severe eating disorder (fear of vomiting) anxiety and unhealthy religious beliefs like the fear of god, which were affecting my confidence and quality of life.



    Having literally spent thousands of pounds on many others therapies (most with very little success) I can safely say that by undertaking in a course of Hypnoanalysis and going through the ‘Thrive’ programme with you has helped me completely transformed my life around in ways I could not have imagined several years ago!



    I am taking on each day with a new found enjoyment and optimism, moving forward in many areas of my life, including career, social life and I am currently looking at starting up my own business.



    I normally do not write testimonials but I felt I had to due to how much you have helped me. I do hope that anyone reading this will realise that there is hope out there for them and you are the man to help with that. Your non-judgmental attitude coupled with your enthusiasm to improve people’s lives is second to none!



    Thanks again





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